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Manage Your Vehicle Portfolio

We make things easy. We come with Simple QR to avoid the legal penalty and paper hassle On Road with Government Authorities. Every Driving License Holder can get a QR which holds all motor document (Multiple Vehicle) and emergency personal documents. Accessable at finger tips in any situations.
We Help With:

  • Digitalize Multiple Vehicle Documents To QR
  • Periodic Reminder For Renewal Of All Your Documents
  • Renew Your Vehicle Insurance (Inforce & Expired)
  • Individual Personal Accident Policy (IPA)
  • Other insurances such as: Dwelling, Burglary, Travel, Health, Life, Term, Children Plan, Group/Corporate Policy, Mobile Screen Insurance.

Useful Tip: An IPA Policy Will Reduce The Insurance Premium On All Your Vehicles by 400/-


CLOUDOC.IN - An idea which is helpful in our daily life

Present world revolves with just one device, MOBILE.

Count it from Morning Alarm, Things To Do, Meeting Schedule, Food Order, Grocery, AUX Breaks, Online Shopping, Payments, it's all done via Our Mobile. Kudos to technology.

Now, the same Mobile can save you from cops and stop you from paying huge penalty for missing your necessary vehicle documents.

Our Services

Secure your important and mandatory documents and present them instantly when needed.

  1. Motor Documents: Helpful @ Traffic Regulation (Mandatory)


    Driving License (Single License Per Profile)

    Vehicle Registration Certificate (Multiple Vehicle of License Holder)

    Vehicle Insurance (Of Respective Vehicles)

    Pollution/Emissions Test Report (Of Respective Vehicle)

  2. Additional Insurance: Helpful @ Emergency (Optional)


    Personal Accident Insurance

    Any other policy which you can claim when met with an accident

  3. Additional Document: Helpful @ Identity (Optional)


    Aadhaar Card/Passport

    PAN/Voter/Employee ID

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